About us

Greg has been a professional photographer and editor for more than 30 years. An opportunity arose to show off his skills within the Canberra construction industry and this is how evolve time lapse photography began.

What we offer

  • Monitor your site 24/7 with a  secure online high resolution web gallery.
  • Remote access via smartphone.
  • 4K resolution still pictures, which can then be produced into high quality and web friendly footage during your project.
  • Aerial photography.
  • Our camera’s can handle all weather conditions with its waterproof & dust proof housing.
  • No additional cost for maintenance.
  • Final showcase video package provided with music, interviews and company logos if required.
  • Wireless  mobile networking.
  • Solar power integration enabling  locations without electricity.
  • Capture project milestones during the construction project.

We Are Construction
Time-lapse Specialist