About us

Evolve Time Lapse was founded by Greg, a professional photographer and editor with over 30 years of experience. Seeing an opportunity to showcase his skills within the Canberra construction industry, Greg established Evolve Time Lapse Photography.

We offer a range of services tailored to meet your construction time-lapse needs:

24/7 Site Monitoring: Our secure online high-resolution web gallery allows you to monitor your construction site around the clock. With remote access via smartphone, you can stay updated on the progress of your project at any time.

High-Quality Footage: We provide 4K resolution still pictures, which can be transformed into high-quality, web-friendly footage during your project. This ensures that you have crisp and clear visuals to highlight the evolution of your construction project.

Aerial Photography: Our expertise extends to aerial photography, offering a unique perspective that showcases your construction project from above. This aerial footage adds depth and dimension to your time-lapse video.

Weather-Resistant Cameras: Our cameras are built to withstand all weather conditions, thanks to their waterproof and dustproof housing. Rest assured that regardless of the elements, our cameras will capture every significant moment of your construction project.

Maintenance-Free: Unlike other service providers, we do not charge any additional maintenance costs. We believe in providing a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on your construction project without any unexpected charges.

Showcase Video Package: As part of our comprehensive services, we provide a final showcase video package. This package includes music, interviews, and company logos if required, creating a professional and captivating video that highlights your completed project.

Solar Power Integration: We understand that construction sites may not always have access to electricity. That’s why we offer solar power integration, enabling our cameras to function in locations without a power source. This flexibility ensures that we can capture every significant moment, regardless of the site’s infrastructure.

Wireless Mobile Networking: Our cutting-edge technology allows for wireless mobile networking. This means you can access and view your time-lapse footage conveniently from any location, keeping you connected and informed.

Whether you want to capture project milestones, monitor your site, or create a stunning showcase video, our services are designed to meet your specific construction time-lapse needs. Let Evolve Time Lapse Photography be your partner in capturing the progress and evolution of your construction project.

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